There's a new 10 minute parking sign in town! / by David Lund

Some of you may have already noticed that a new parking sign has appeared in our front parking lot over the weekend.


This sign was designed jointly with the rest of the businesses in our building to help reserve a small amount of space for customers who just want to get in and get out. We decided to place it in front of the Vape Attic because out of all our businesses, their customers will use it most. However, these 10 minute parking spots are also perfect for anyone who wants to drop off and/or pick up their dancers without staying for the whole class and we encourage anyone to use them for this purpose!


On the other hand, for the many of us who do stay parked for whole classes, please DO NOT USE these 10 minute parking spaces! We ask that all of our families please be respectful of this 10 minute parking sign! If the rest of the front parking lot is full, please park in one of our back parking lots, either below or above the stairs.

Thank you for reading, understanding & caring!