Introduction: Stacey Lund and all of the Yucaipa Dance staff would like to welcome you to our studio. We offer classes for students ages 2 ½ and up. All staff members and instructors have been trained in Yucaipa Dance philosophies and are on the same page in our friendly dance environment. This set of policies and rules were created to give our parents and students a clear understanding of our mutual commitments and responsibilities to Yucaipa Dance. Parents will be responsible for being aware of all dates, schedule changes, performance details and studio rules. Be sure to ask your dancer if there were any updates handed out during class and also check the dry erase board in the front waiting area along with our Facebook and Twitter feeds at and @YucaipaDanceCA as well as

Registration: All students need to fill out the the registration forms and pay a $30.00 non-refundable registration fee each August, $5.00 for each additional immediate family member.

Tuition: Tuition is due in full on the first day of class every month. Payments are accepted at the front desk. If you wish we can save your credit card information for automatic monthly payments. If you prefer you may sign up to receive a monthly invoice sent to your email which you can pay on your phone. Please do not hand payments to the instructors. A $10.00 late fee will be added to your account if tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month. There will also be a $25.00 service fee added for any checks that are returned to us by the bank. Dancers will NOT be allowed to attend class on week three of any month if that month’s tuition has not been paid, unless prior arrangements have been made with the director. All tuition payments are non-refundable once that tuition’s month has begun.

Adding/Dropping a Class: Please inform the front desk if you intend to add or drop a class. When dropping a class you must notify the front desk before the 1st of the month in order to avoid a charge for that month of classes. Unless you have signed up to receive monthly invoices Yucaipa Dance will only send you a bill when you are late on a payment.

Recital Costume Payment: Students will have to purchase a recital costume for each class they attend that is participating in the recital, if you elect to do the recital dance. Students will NOT receive their costumes until they have been paid for in full. Once costumes are ordered there will be no refunds made. Costumes are not custom made and will usually need alterations made. (straps sewn, etc.)

Attendance: All students are expected to attend their scheduled classes. If your student is going to be absent from class please let the director or the instructor of that class know of this absence. No more than six unexcused absences may occur during a season. If a student misses more than six classes that have not been excused he/she may not be allowed to participate in the End of Year Recital. If a student must miss class, as a courtesy, classes may be made up in the same month that they were missed by attending another class of the same level and age group with the permission of the instructor. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

Ballet Pointe Shoe Information: Students ages nine and up may be invited by their instructor to participate in Pre-Pointe. You must take an additional Ballet Class in order to be considered for pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are awarded to students who are strong enough and at an appropriate ballet level to allow them to dance 'en pointe safely. It may take 1 to 4 years of pre-pointe before being awarded pointe shoes.

Class Cancellations: Class make-up dates due to cancellations will be posted on our Yucaipa Dance Facebook and Twitter feeds. It will also be posted on the Dry Erase Board in the front waiting area.

Studio Closure Dates: You are charged monthly on a 4 week, 4 classes a month, basis. We do close when a month has 5 weeks. If we are closed for any reason and you are not offered a 4 week session, you will be pro-rated. If a class has a make-up class offered, there will be NO pro-ration.


Girls: Ballet students must have hair in a bun. Students hair must be pulled away from face for all other classes. A ponytail or bun is recommended, if you have short hair please pull back hair in a headband or clip.

Boys: Long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail.

Dress Code Requirements:

Students are given a dress code requirement for each class. Please do not buy dance wear until you know your dancer is in the right class at the appropriate level for them and you know exactly what is required for that class.


Ballet classes are required to wear color coordinated leotards determined by class level. If you are trying a class and have not been permanently placed in a level, please do not buy attire until it has been determined what permanent level you will be placed in for that year. You may wear any ballet dance wear for the first 2 months of class so the instructor can place you appropriately. Failure to wear appropriate dance attire may result in the student being asked to sit out of class. Students are allowed two warnings before being asked to sit out. Hair must be worn away from face in a bun for all ballet related classes so that the neck and shoulder lines are clearly visible. Skirts are only allowed in Pre-Ballet, Combo & Beginning Ballet ages 5 to 7 . Skirts are not allowed in any other classes so that the instructor can clearly see the body lines of the dancer. Advanced ballet may wear booty shorts over their leotard and tights, all other ballet classes are permitted to wear booty shorts over their leotard and tights 1 class out of each month. The Yucaipa Dance leotard color requirements for ballet classes are as follows:


Pre-Ballet - Free dress in ballet attire (leotard, tights & pink leather ballet shoes)

Combo - Light Pink

Beginning - Light Purple

Ballet I - Light Blue

Ballet II - Navy Blue

Pre-Pointe - Dark Green

Advanced - Black

Pointe - Black

All ballet classes, with the exception of pre-ballet, must wear pink tights. All ballet classes must wear pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.

NO SLIPPERS for ANY level!

Boys: Black stretch pants or shorts, white T-shirt & black ballet shoes.

Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop/Musical Theater/Lyrical:

Please wear loose or form fitting dance attire. Example: jazz pants, stretch pants, booty shorts, sweat pants, stretch capris etc. NO JEANS!

Jazz & Musical Theater: It is recommended you wear a leotard along with the above stated garments, jazz shoes are required!

Tap: Tap shoes are required.

Lyrical: Jazz, shoes, foot undies, barefoot or socks.

Hip Hop: sneakers (please make sure the soles are not muddy and dirty before you come into class!)

Dropping off and Picking up Students: Please drop off and pick up your students inside the studio. We do not allow students to wait in the parking lot. If you are going to be late please let the instructor know at the beginning of class. Yucaipa Dance is not responsible for before and after class care of students. If the front parking lot is full please remember that there is plenty of parking available up on the hill behind the studio.

Waiting Area: Parents are invited to sit in the waiting areas while their dancer is taking class. Parents are NOT allowed in the classroom unless the instructor requests that parents come in. There are viewing windows into the classroom for parent observation. Parents of young dancers under 6 years old are asked to stay at the studio while their dancer is in class unless prior arrangements have been made.

Food and Drink: Other than water, no food or drink of any kind is allowed inside the dance studio or it’s waiting areas. When necessary, food and drink may be enjoyed in the rest area setup outside the studio. Students and parents are responsible for cleaning up all their own trash. Anyone who demonstrates the inability or unwillingness to clean up their own trash in and around the studio will be asked to stop bringing these items with them.

Concerns and Questions: For any questions or concerns you may have please contact Yucaipa Dance by phone at (909) 794-6090, by email to, or by direct message through our Facebook profile at Please do not discuss your questions or concerns with teachers before or after class.